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TETAC's roots are founded in the service and support of the explosive ordinance disposal community. In addition to the EOD and general energetic training services we offer, TETAC continues to develop, source, and distribute quality field-proven tools, kits, and supplies.

Bobcat Tactical MOLLE Compatible Probe (MCP) Set

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The Bobcat MOLLE Compatible Probe™ (MCP) set is a patented non-magnetic, non-ferrous, non-sparking, non-metallic, and non-conductive mine probe. The tool was designed and developed to equip dismounted Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians and Combat Engineers with the capability to rapidly locate buried mines and improvised explosive devices. Set includes a 10 inch and 13 inch probe.

The advantage of the MCP is that it integrates to the warfighters kit to provide rapid access during combat operations.
Other advantages include:
- Manufactured from rugged, non-magnetic, non-sparking, and non-conductive materials.
- A textured and flat surface provide optimum tactile feedback to the warfighter even while wearing gloves.

- One inch hole spacing enables reference for rapid sensitive sight exploitation and intelligence gathering photography.

- Leading edge of the probe may be ground down to customize device according to terrain of the area of operation.

US Patent Number 2015/0114144 A1

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