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At its core, TETAC is an engineering company developing innovative energetic solutions for strike and EOD missions in the air, on the land, and under the sea.

Engineering Design to Functional Prototype

TETAC has a great deal of experience with engineering system solutions to support our customers. Our engineering team relies on an extensive variety of tools to model concepts to achieve optimized system performance. Our approach focuses on the reduction of project risk and life cycle costs while meeting even the most stringent project timelines.

Lean Manufacturing


TETAC relies on lean manufacturing processes to reduce production costs and provide on-time delivery. Production and lean manufacturing are initiated during the engineering design phase and continue throughout the project life cycle.

Teaming and Project Management

Success in the defense industry is truly accomplished through direct collaboration with industry partners and end customers.


TETAC understands the complexities of government contracting and we have the experience of working as the prime contractor or subcontractor to support a wide range of projects.

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