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EOD Tools, Kits, & Supplies

TETAC's roots are founded in the service and support of the explosive ordinance disposal community. In addition to the EOD and general energetic training services we offer, TETAC continues to develop, source, and distribute quality field-proven tools, kits, and supplies.

Compact Containment Device

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Product Details
The Compact Containment Device (CCD) is a tool utilized by EOD operators and hazmat collection teams to transport hazardous materials and explosives in the field. Weighing less than 170 grams, the tool is ideal for dismounted operations and provides a complete encapsulation capability in the event of a detonation.

Operational Uses:
The CCD provides the warfighter with a lightweight and rugged device to support operations in the field to include:
- Hazardous/Forensic evidence collection
- EOD render safe (isolate and cut)

- HME collection

How it works:
The CCD has an internal integrated blast chamber that supports test tube collection. System configures to MOLLE for wide spread dissemination in the field. Device is rated to contain 1.5 grams Net Explosive Weight (TNT Equivalency). Outside diameter = 1.5”, and is 4.2” long.

Please call or email to learn more about the Kevlar lined pouch or hardened case configurations.

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